Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Self Publishing 201: The Inquiring Minds

HappyGlyphs Comics is proud to announce our latest, and first full color, publication; The Inquiring Minds #1. Well, sort of proud.

You see, the first rule in business is this: be professional at all times, and that especially goes for Cartoonists. I mean, we have reputations to live down, and should set high standards to live up to. But take a closer look at the back cover of my new book.

That's right... a speeling spelling error. FEERLESS.

This book represents some of my best work in the last 5 years. Not only did I write and draw the cartoons, but I personally put this book together, which is no small feat. And what's the first thing people say when they see it? No, not "Great job", or "Wow, this is excellent"... no, it's "You spelled 'fearless' wrong, don't you know'.

I'll never live this down, of course. It will be years before I can look back and laugh at this, and only then because I'll be sure to make even bigger mistakes sometime down the line.

What makes this worse is that I am an excellent speller. I've always prided myself on my spelling. But I've got this new keyboard, you see. The keys are so small and close together that my fingers hit two keys at the same time, and even in typing this sentence I've made about 5 errors which I've had to go back and correct. Unfortunately, I don't catch every error, and I certainly do not trust spellcheckers, so...

FEERLESS. That cursed word will always remind me of today's little lesson; Be professional at all times.

And proofread. Twice.

Happy Valentine's Day! JOHN :0)

Oh yeah. You can buy this book here if you 'd like. It might make me feel a little bit better about all this embarrasment. :0)

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