Monday, September 28, 2009

Comic Strip Superstar

In case you haven't heard, I received notification that I have advanced to Round 2 of the Comic Strip Superstar Contest, "an international search for the next popular comic strip artist, sponsored by Andrews McMeel Publishing and hosted by"

What this means is that from the maximum of 5000 entries worldwide, I am one of 250 chosen to advance to the next round. Now, Universal Press Syndicate will judge us and then the next chosen 50 will advance to Round 3. In this Round, professional Cartoonists such as Gary Trudeau and Lynn Johnston will narrow the list down to 10. Those 10 will then be posted on, where anyone registered with Amazon can vote. The Winner will get paid to develop their comic strip further, with the goal of being placed in newspapers world wide.

A big deal, but remember, I only made it to Round 2 so far, so wish me luck.

For your info, my entry consisted of The Inquiring Minds cartoons. I know, some of you may have preferred Knight and Day, but the contest called for previously unpublished work.

I'll keep you posted. The winners of the next round should be announced the day after the Baltimore Comic-con, October 12th.

We shall see... JOHN :0)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Return of Ghost Pirate Skeletons!

Well, since I'm not on my way to California for the big 40th Anniversary party at Disney's Haunted Mansion, I may as well do some work, eh? And grumble. Lots of muttering and grumbling going on here over not getting to Disneyland for my birthday, and for the big 40th anniversary.

New studio, new clients, new cartoons! Here's the latest toon, from The Inquiring Minds in The Ghost Pirate Skeletons of Three Craters Lake!

There's also a new Knight and Day comic... the first in a loooong time, but not the last. Yo can see that at, or check out the previous blog where you can also see pics of my new and awesome studio!

Cheers, JOHN :0)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

My New Studio

All right, so it's not everything I've dreamed of (there's no closet), but I'm pretty happy with my new work place. HappyGlyphs Studios has a new home, where I can finally get back to work. :0)

Don't believe me? Check out the brand new Knight and Day cartoon.

Why a new Knight and Day toon when The Ghost Pirates of Three Craters Lake isn't done yet? All will be revealed, in time! Meanwhile, The Inquiring Minds will return to their Pirate adventure shortly, and we'll have some new Knight and Day stuff as well.

Also, we have a brand new Art Gallery, where you can purchase some of my best art as high quality giclee prints. Check that out here...

So, back to the studio... I finally have a place to hang my original artwork again,and most of my cartoons, comic strip collections, art, reference, and other important books are all in one place. And of course there's room for lots of toys!

I also have a new work shop, so expect more models and other projects sometime... probably after winter hits. :0)

Of course, now that I'm working again, the studio is already becoming a bit dishevelled! Oh well, I'll clean up a bit. Just a bit, though... all this chaos inspires creativity, don't ya know? :0)

Cheers, JOHN :0)

PS What's on my iPod? Fish: Communion What an awesome Live Album! I've been listening to it non stop for a week now. :0)