Saturday, July 07, 2012

Illustration: My Other Hat

If you know me as a cartoonist, you may not be aware that I spend much of my time as an illustrator as well.  In fact, I've spent almost as much time illustrating for clients as I have creating cartoons like Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds.  My illustration work has earned me some praise, and has given me several very proud moments, such as having one of my magazine covers turned into a poster, and seeing my work hanging in corporate offices.

The problem is, much of that work is in the shipping industry, so if you're not involved with shipping, you may not be familiar with some of my best work, and that needs to change.  I'm not giving up on cartooning, but I do want to take that cartooning a step forward artistically, and also to expand my illustration horizons.

So, I'm getting my work out there to be noticed, and will be looking for venues, and additional work, to expand my skills, and my portfolio.

And speaking of portfolios, I've decided to begin showcasing my work at Deviant Art, a site where I can post my work in a gallery, talk about the work and ideas that went into each peace, and even sell some of the art in various formats.

The link to my new Deviant Art gallery is  Please take a look at this other side of my life, as well as some of the cartoon related work I have posted alongside my illustration.  And best of all, you can comment on the art, and let me know what you think of each piece.

You can still see some of this at my facebook page, but the Deviant Art site focuses on the art alone, which is nice.  I've added over a dozen pieces already, so don't hesitate to check it out.

Cheers!    JOHN :0)