Monday, September 11, 2006

Press Release: John's Shorts

September 11, 2006 : For Immediate Release

HappyGlyphs Comics is happy to announce an all new series of graphic narratives by Cartoonist John Steventon, aptly titled John's Shorts.

Regardless of the title, this series has little to do with underwear, and a lot to do with a Cartoonist preserving his sanity by pushing his craft in myriad directions, and exploring numerous ideas, characters, and situations.

Lots of fun, and hopefully some delightful stories with a surprise or two. Most of these stories will feature completely new characters, although it is inevitable that characters from Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds may make appearances.

"I have a new comic strip in development", says John, "and numerous Freelance projects running concurrently, none of which will appear at the in the near future. This project was created mostly for my regular readers, so that fresh content will be available until these long term projects are completed. Also, I have nearly a dozen scripts plotted out, that have been sitting on my To DO list, just begging to be illustrated. These stories are the best of that To DO list, and are terrific opportunities for me to stretch my creative abilities in new directions."

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