Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ohio Comic Con this weekend!

This weekend is the Wizard World Ohio Comic Con, formerly known as the Mid Ohio Comic Con.

One thing to note is that this year there will be a Friday Night added to the comic con, which is new to me!  And I thought two days was exhausting enough. :0)

Well, it's a good exhaustion, anyway... I really love doing these shows, but they do wear me out.  I'm excited to see what a Friday night at a comic con is all about... it doesn't look like it's a preview night or anything, just an extra day to spend at what seems to be a growing show.  Hopefully this will mean more opportunity to catch people's attention, and make a few more sales, and a few more friends. :0)

If you remember, last year was a bit disappointing because I seemed to be stuck in a corner where not a lot of people walked by, and sales were pretty poor due to lack of attention.  The people I did meet were awesome, and friendly, but not enough came by.  This year, however, I will be in Artist's Alley, which makes me nervous because it's usually so crowded, but then again, it seemed like last year the Artist's Alley way got about 10 times the traffic I did, so... here's hoping I find my place at this show.

And the show is huge this year, with big guests and stuff, but don't let all that distract you from coming by Artist Alley and checking out all of us creators who are out here doing something different.

See you there!    JOHN :0)

On my iPod?  Fish: Raingods with Zippos!

PS Stay tooned here or at our facebook page for pics and stories from the Ohio Comic Con,