Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dark Shadows of the Imagination

There seem to be a lot of good movies out lately, from Hunger Games, to MIB3, and of course... Dark Shadows!

What's that?  You haven't seen Dark Shadows yet?  Have you been cursed?  Or perhaps you've read the reviews?

Sadly, those who make it a career criticising movies, and art, believe that being critical is what they must do.  I've read the reviews for Dark Shadows, and have found them all.... lacking.  They all seem to say pretty much the same things, and they don't even say those well.  Fortunately for me, I saw the trailers, ignored the reviews, and saw the movie... twice.  In one weekend!

Being budget conscious, I rarely see a movie until it hits the two dollar theater, or even dvd.  To pay full price, twice, in one weekend just shows how much I really enjoyed this film.  I could have seen The Avengers that weekend, or several other movies that got good reviews, but I'm glad I saw this one twice.  And I'm not alone.  So many people laughed out loud throughout this movie, and at the second viewing I could tell there were others who had already seen it, and, like me, were waiting for their favorite scenes to appear.

I did get to see Men in Black 3, which was also an awesome movie, as well as the above-mentioned Hunger Games, which was well done.  But something keeps calling me back... back to 1972, and Collinwood, and an awesome sound track that starts out with Nights in White Satin.

Yes, I do want to see the movie again, on the big screen, as soon as I can.  It has nothing to do with the original soap opera, and a lot to do with a laugh filled movie that's just fun to experience.

I feel bad for critics who can't just sit back and enjoy a film without finding a need to nitpick.  Movies, like art, should be enjoyed on different levels...  and I enjoyed this one just for the fun of it. :0)

Lots more comics and art coming soon, with two big projects in the works right now, so stay tooned!  And if it gets too hot out there, go get yourself a seat in an air conditioned theater somewhere, and get away from it all for a few hours.  See ya there!    JOHN :0)

 A sketch from my notebook.
Please keep in mind it was done in pen, while sitting in the sun. :0)