Wednesday, January 28, 2015

National Cartoonists Society

I've been quite busy since joining the National Cartoonists Society!  This is something I wanted for quite some time, and I am proud indeed to have earned my membership.  Not only have I gone to my first Reuben Awards (in San Diego, yet!), but I've had the privilege of meeting some very talented people, and working on some interesting projects.

One thing I will say is that being a member, and being surrounded by so much talent, really humbles a person, and, hopefully, encourages them to better work.  In my case, I've upped my game considerably, wanting to show the world that I belong in this prestigious group.

Besides being with the NCS, I belong to a local chapter, and I'm also lucky to be near the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum and Library, so events and meet ups happen regularly enough.  It's great to get out of the studio and meet with, and learn from, other cartoonists.

Sadly, one of the first things we've had to deal with this year was the tragedy in France. Whether you agree with the cartoons or not, free speech is a right, and should not be taken away through violence.  Many of the NCS paid tribute to our fallen comrades, and you can see those tributes at this page here.

On a lighter note, the Great Lakes Chapter of the NCS has created a wonderful cookbook featuring artwork, cartoons, and recipes by some really talented people (artwise... I haven't tried many recipes yet, so won't judge their cooking).  You can find the full color book at this link, or possibly through some members of the NCS.  (I currently do not have any extra, but let me know if you're interested.)
My contribution consists of a related series of previously unpublished Knight and Day comic strips and art.

Well, I am hoping to make the Reuben Awards this year, but not sure.  I WILL be attending Comic-con International in San Diego, and am planning to spend some time at the NCS booth there.
Stay tooned for more on that and other stuff.

JOHN :0)
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