Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Special Short Story

As far as cartooning goes, I'm proud to be the creator of two comic strips, Knight and Day, and The Inquiring Minds.  Some time ago, it just seemed to make sense to merge those worlds into one, and so Iris became the daughter of Steven and Amy Knight, and all kinds of possibilities and crossovers occurred. I'm really glad, because eventually my short story, Iris, came about.

Iris was created for the SPACE Anthology 2012, and is a special story for me.  Now I am proud to announce that this story is now a finalist for the SPACE prize 2014!

For a limited time, I'm making the story available to read free, at this link. Consider it an early Christmas present, and one I'm happy to share.

Cheers,    JOHN :0)

PS I also have an Inquiring Minds short story in SPACE anthology 2013, and hopefully will have another story in the 2014 book.  And just maybe some in other places, so stay tooned!