Friday, June 15, 2007

Press Release: Two Henges, a Hill, and One Long Barrow

For Immediate Release:
June 15, 2007

Two Henges, a Hill, and One Long Barrow

HappyGlyphs Comics is very happy to announce the release of our newest, and most unusual for us, book. "The book is unusual", explains John Steventon, "because it is not a comic book or cartoon collection; however, it's not that far a stretch. Two Henges, a Hill, and One Long Barrow is a travel book that deals with ancient sites in Great Britain. Our first graphic novel, 3 Knights in India is a kind of travel book, and of course our company logo contains a large stone with a petroglyph on it. I think Standing Stones are cool, and I often include them in my cartoons."

Two Henges, a Hill, and One Long Barrow is a look at West Kennet Long Barrow, the Avebury complex, and especially Stonehenge through the eyes of Cartoonist and Illustrator John Steventon.

Four dozen high resolution, color photographs (most of them full page) give the reader a visual tour of these wondrous places, with the author’s learned commentary adding facts, asking questions, and giving a unique insight into their design, purpose, and meaning today.

John Steventon has visited the UK many times over the last dozen years, and spent a lot of time at many of its historic places. With this book he encourages you to learn more about these fascinating places, and to one day see them for yourself.

Although this is our first non-cartoon book, Two Henges, a Hill, and One Long Barrow does include several illustrations by the Author.

The book is 64 pages, and full color. It is immediately available through our bookstore, at the following link:

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