Friday, August 23, 2013

Comic-con International 2013 Pics!

I'm finally getting around to posting my Comic-con pics from this year, the first time I actually exhibited.
It's a work in progress, but you can see the to-date set here at my facebook page, and hopefully I'll find another photo-sharing site as well. (I can't seem to load to my Flickr account, so...)

I'll also get around to doing a full report, once I iron our a few problems, and find the time during what will be a very hectic fall schedule, with Baltimore and Ohio Comic-cons coming up, and some other exciting events!

I will say that Comic-con this year was exceedingly crowded with some very enthusiastic crowds that started lining up around 6:00 every morning, before the sun even came up.  Thanks to jet lag, I was up around 5:00 each morning, which actually worked to my advantage, allowing me to easily get into work and have my table ready usually an hour or two before the doors opened.

I will say that walking the show floor early, when the lights seemed dim, and few people were around was an amazing experience!  I was able to totally geek out walking past huge banners of superheroes and video games, a life-sized LEGO Iron Man and even Thor's hammer.  Unfortunately, because I was working the show, I did not see more than 20% of the show.

I did see lots of costumes, and met some wonderful people, and have a lot more to tell you when I get the chance.  And I got to do my first convention sketch, live!  I've done plenty of little sketches for people, but this was a complete illustration, penciled and inked as people walked by and watched, which I never thought I could do, so... I did it again, and plan to do more at future shows. :0)

Click that link above for the rest of the pics, and be reassured that there are a lot more to come.

All the best,    JOHN :0)

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