Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Maniacs!

So much is going on right now in my life, that I am still in the re-creating phase... recreating my website, my business, and my self. As part of the process, and in order to keep (relatively) sane, I am making time to have some fun. This idea came to me, and I loved it enough to pursue.

Albert, of The Inquiring Minds, pays tribute to one of our favorite movies by re-enacting this classic scene from Planet of the Apes! I really hope that you enjoy it.

This print, of course, is available at Zazzle and Cafe Press for those of you who like the print and would like to support HappyGlyphs Comics. This should also be available soon directly through our new website. If you want to order directly through, please drop us a line and we will arrange it.

Thanks so much!

Cheers, JOHN :0)

PS Here's another Planet of the Apes tribute from my book, "Take Me Away From All This!!".


Brian Hughes said...

Planet of the Sheep? So you have visited the Wyre then?

John said...

I believe that Baa-lambs are the future... :0)