Monday, March 02, 2009

Downtime... please stand by...

As part of my 're-creating', we are updating and upgrading the business, starting with

We are migrating to a new and better server, so you may experience a lot of white boxes with red 'x's in them. Please stand by.

It is weird doing this in the middle of The Ghost Pirate Skeletons of Three Craters Lake, but it had to be done since we were constantly running out of hosting space, having had the archives of two comic strips and a graphic novel in the system.

HappyGlyphs will now have unlimited space and bandwidth, and some nicer features which will give us all a nicer, easier way of doing things.

New strips are coming, a much better website is coming, and since I cannot send out a newsletter at the moment, all updates will be at this page for the meantime.

Hopefully we will be back in business by tomorrow(Tuesday) March 3rd.

Cheers, and wish me luck! JOHN :0)

PS Please enjoy these ancient comic strips I found from when I was first creating Knight and Day. 'Yikes' for the art, but the jokes are still good. :0) And if you like these, Steve and Amy's amusing and wonderful story can be found in my first book, "Take Me Away From All This!!"... an honest look at those first days of marriage. Remember, these were the practice strips... the strips in the book are much better, and tell the first year of Steve and Amy's marriage, with all the ups and downs of sharing space, and chores, and the fights, and making up, and even house hunting, job loss, and yes, a pregnancy. All very good stuff! Just ask anyone who's read the book. :0)


Brian Hughes said...

That top cartoon was Amy during her Jenifer Aniston phase, I take it.

John said...


I'm not sure what I was thinking... at least when it comes to Amy's hair. Ah, the growing pains of an artist.

At least these strips are still amusing after all this time. I think the material holds up well.

Still, the art makes me cringe a wee bit.

Cheers, JOHN :0)