Monday, August 11, 2008

HELP!! DSL connection not working!!


If you're reading this, and have an opinion to share, then please do. I need some help with my current DSL connection, or help getting a new one. The problem is this:

My Verizon DSL does not work consistently. The biggest problem is one I have not heard mentioned anywhere, although now a few people have concurred: Verizon DSL does NOT work when it rains! What's worse, is that my DSL does not work before it rains, after it rains, or if it is the slightest bit humid out.

I am NOT kidding. I have a college degree, understand quite a bit about computers and engineering, and yet cannot understand why humidity affects a DSL connection. Thunderstorms I can almost understand, but humidity?

At first I thought it was a fluke, but now there is no question, and since this has been a summer of thunder showers, I have been sorely limited in how much work I can do over the internet... it's been so bad that I've even considered suing over lost revenue, but who has time for that?

And NO, I am not bashing Verizon here, and have no wish to. I haven't had any other DSl or broadband or high speed internet service beside this one, so I have nothing to compare with. However, my frustration level is such that if Verizon were to call today, I am sure they would hang up in a second when they sensed how angry I was.

It is now 12:27 PM as I write this in Notepad. I have been trying to get internet access since 7:30 AM. I have gotten access, but it doesn't last long enough to log in and type a password.

Does anyone have any information for me? One, I am curious as to why humidity and rain can cause my DSl to not work. Second, I have a job to do... is there a fix for this problem, or can anyone recommend an alternative? Third, does anyone else have this problem? I'd love to see how widespread this is, and to also know that I'm not nuts. :0)

And please, no company bashing... just the facts, please.

Cheers, and thanks in advance for any help, JOHN :0)

Update: Please read through the comments for loads of information on this subject. Basically, after my land line went down, it was repaired, and my DSL seemed to be working better, and not crashing. That assessment was premature, however, as my DSL still goes down on occasion, but for not as long as previously.

Update: June 2009

I have switched to Optimum Online, and have not had the same problem as before. It is pouring down rain now, and connection is fine. I'm sure the outside lines did have an affect on things, but it is still up in the air if DSL has any inherent problems. In all fairness, Optimum isn't perfect either, but at least it doesn't seem to rfeak when it's humid out. :0)


Brian Hughes said...

Sorry...I don't even know what a DSL is.

John said...

Damn Slow Line, I'm thinking!

Haha... just kidding. it's not that slow... better than dial-up, anyway... when it's working, that is.

Cheers, JOHN :0)

shobhit said...

I have exactly the same problem . I have ATT DSL in Bay Area,CA and most of the year its dry so no problem. But the day it rains , even for an hour, my DSL goes kaput!
ATT technician has come twice , each time coming a day or two after rain is over , everything working perfectly. Can you update the blog if you are able to fix your problem.

John said...

Thanks for writing. Same thing, here... a tech has to actually come out while it's raining to see that the DSL is not working.

Even then, I am sure it's something inherent in the way DSL works, so I doubt that it is something that can be fixed on-site.

Thanks for confirming that the problem exists. If enough of us write, hopefully someone who knows how these things work can fix the problem.

Cheers, JOHN :0)

Chuck said...

I've had this problem ever since I switched over to AT&T DSL from broadband cable (not working during a rain & high humidity). I've been so frustrated I'm at the point of going back to cable - $20 bucks more a month is worth not having the headache and you can actually get work done.

Aurora, IL

John said...

Thanks for writing, Chuck.

I think we have enough evidence now that there is definitely a problem inherent in DSL. And thanks for the tip about Broadband cable.

When I move, I'm definitely converting to something else, because I just cannot afford all this unscheduled downtime.

Anyone know about FIOS, or Optimum Online? Any problems we should know about with those?

Thanks again, JOHN :0)

shobhit said...

Update: First two time , only my DSL went dead and when DSL technician came after few days when rain was gone, he could not recreate the issue. But when it rained this week, my landline also went dead. Landline ATT technician came promptly the same day and found the problem was in ATT network box across the road. He has replaced it and since then my system is working fine. Hope this helps somehow. (Somehow landline technician seem more responsive to me then DSL .)

John said...

Thanks for the update! I think I see a pattern developing.

My landline went dead a few weeks ago, and after a few days they came out and fixed it. I didn't make the connection between that and my DSL, but I don't think I've had any problems with the DSL since. (Fewer problems,anyway)

It's snowing now, and DSL is working, so maybe it is a question of the old lines being upgraded completely. My Dad worked for AT&T, and he always said that one bad bit of line spoils the whole connection... a weakest link kind of thing.

We'll solve this problem yet. :0)

JOHN :0)

PS I'll pay more attention to my DSL, and report good or bad soon.

Joe said...

We've been having this problem in florida since AT&T took over Bellsouth. The AT&T supervisor we spoke to, after the 12th call about this, admitted they have a known issue with humidity.