Thursday, May 02, 2013

A New Adventure Begins!

I've begun a new adventure of The Inquiring Minds!  My plan was to make this a regular series, but thanks to distribution issues, we'll see how it goes. Funny Pages #1 was a comic strip collection, and The Ghost Skeleton Pirates of Three Craters Lake was a giant sized Summer Special.  This new book will be number one in The Inquiring Minds series, with each book being a mostly stand alone storyline in full color.

As for when each issue comes out, it's really up to you, the reader!  Buy the comics, and most of all tell others about them,  The more we sell, the more I can write and draw... that's the reality of publishing.  I'll know more after convention season is done, but internet sales and others will have to continue to grow.

The Inquiring Minds is all ages fun... great comics for parents to read with their kids, or for kids to collect on their own.  Adventure loving grown-ups should enjoy the stories as well, although they are all family friendly... none of that violence you see in many comics today... just the fun and adventure that comes from getting out of the house and seeing what's out there!

More to come, so stay tooned!    JOHN :0)

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