Friday, October 19, 2012

The Last Page!

I've finally drawn the last page of The Ghost Pirate Skeletons of Three Craters Lake!!!!

At least I think I have.  I'm going to have to go back and read over everything and see if I need to add two additional pages.  The last read through I did of the script led me to believe that one part of the story needed a little enhancement... the pacing went by too fast. So we'll have to see if I'm done, or if there's a bit more work to do.

Either way, this is an incredibly big deal to me... right up there with drawing my 300th Knight and Day last year.  This comic book, my first full color comic with one storyline, has been a long journey for me.  Unfortunately, I needed to take a couple of breaks from it, but in the long run, I know that the book will be better for me having waited, and because of my skills increasing with time.

And the journey is truly only beginning!  This comic book will be a big deal for my company HappyGlyphs Comics, and I will have a lot of big announcements to make before the book is printed and available.

So please, stay tooned!    JOHN :0)

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