Saturday, January 21, 2012

Comics on Kindle: 3 Knights in India

After a lot of learning, I've finally launched 3 Knights in India, my graphic novel, as an ePub.

I bought books, searched the web, but as usual, ended up just doing it myself. It was much easier that way.  Even at Amaon's publishing pages there was some misinformation that I needed to get past, just to move forward.  If you follow 'the rules', per se, you can waste days wondering what you're doing wrong, when you're just taking a different path.

I first created my Wolfman of Beckenham, Kent as an eBook.  At 8 pages, it was small enough to hammer out the basics of ePublishing.  Then I did the two Inquiring Minds books, now both available exclusively at the Kindle store.  I finally went back to 3 Knights in India. and resized the artwork for optimum viewing.  After all this, I managed to bring my graphic novel down to 26 MB from 53MB, and it looks great.

I love real books... the kind with dust jackets that you keep odd bits of paper in as bookmarks, but publishing them can be a chore, and an expensive one at that.  3 Knights in India was made for color, but as it first ran in the India Post, and then was published as a graphic novel, it simply had to be a black and white endeavor.  Now, however, with the Kindle App that allows you to read comics in color on any device, I was able to present 3 Knights in India more as it should have been.

Even if you have the graphic novel, this second edition has a lot of my original work now being shown in color, as well as some of the black and white art that I have colored exclusively for this edition, and I've even added some brand new stuff!

I'm very proud of this book, and at $6.99, it's a bargain.  It took me 3 years to write the original, and it's a fun story. If you enjoy Knight and Day, then you will enjoy this book.  It's Steve and Amy Knight, their daughter Iris, Oz the Ice Cream Man, and especially Sunny Day at her best, all coming together in whirlwind of an adventure that starts in New Jersey and ends up across the world in Bangalore, where everyone still manages to drive Steven crazy!

All's well that ends well, though, and there's more.  Musings of mine from my own travels, a few recipes, and other fun stuff make this a unique graphic novel experience. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Cheers,    JOHN :0)

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