Friday, August 05, 2011

Knight Family Comic Strip Vacation: Florida Road Trip! [updated! (6)]

Okay, I've mentioned before that as I currently create Knight and Day, it is with a second comic strip collection in mind.  Like "Take Me Away From All This!", the next collection will basically cover a year or so in the lives of the Knight family.  However, due to surprises in life (see previous posts), that story is not always created in a linear fashion.

So, in this blog, I am introducing the Knight's forthcoming road trip, starting with the first strip that actually leads into the future storylines dealing with Snowie and her kittens.  Before Iris can have a cat, she needs to 'want' a cat.  Get it? :0)

Either way, all my strips are designed to be enjoyed independently, but once you know the characters better, it's fun to see how things change, and watch their lives change and grow.

Question:  Should I post all of the vacation strips here, on this page, and hope you come back to visit?  Or post them as they come up, and put them all together later?  Well, let me know what you prefer, and we'll see what works out for the best. [For now, I'll post them here for ease, as well as at the Knight and Day page of our website, where they may be easier to read.]

By the way, to see the inspiration for this trip, please read my previous post.
Meanwhile, all great adventures must start somewhere, so here it is; the planting of the seed. JOHN :0)

PS Comic strip vacations are nothing new to Knight and Day.  If you haven't read Take Me Away From All This!!, the first Knight and Day collection, you've missed Steve and Amy's trips to Niagara Falls, England and France, and of course, Oz in Thailand,  And the Knight and Day Graphic Novel 3 Knights in India features a bit of traveling as well. :0)


karl Kelley said...

Road trip! When are we going?

John said...

Already been! Didn't you read the last post? :0)

If you're willing to drive partway, I'll let you know for the next time. :0)