Saturday, May 01, 2010

10 Years and Going Strong

Today is Free Comic Book Day!  It would also probably have been National Cartoonist's Day if Cinco de Mayo hadn't come along at the same time with its offers of drunken revelery, which someone held more appeal than offering best wishes to the Cartoonists who bring smiles to your faces.  Today, though, is even more special to me... it marks the 10th Anniversary of my comic strip Knight and Day, and my first website.

So, basically, today is the 10th Anniversary of HappyGlyphs Comics.  No, I didn't call it that back then, but that is when it all began.  The HappyGlyphs Sheep was there, and Knight and Day debuted, so it works for me.

That's funny, I just posted my very first strip from back then, and sure enough it has the date on it.  Proof positive. :0)

So, yes, it all began with that strip.  Not the very first strip I drew of Knight and Day, but the one I thought would start the strip best in the public eye.

I think it is extremely appropriate that my latest book "Once Upon A Times..." debuted this year.  That book, which is now available at the usual places, marks the 10 years I spent developing my skills as a Cartoonist, and shows all of the comic strips and Syndicate submissions that led up to Knight and Day.  Knight and Day is such a great strip because of all that great stuff that came before, including precursors to Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds.

Yesterday's all new Knight and Day.

Very few people ever saw the strips in Once Upon A Times..., except for the people at the Syndicate offices, and a few friends.  At the time, I hadn't known a lot about the web, or making a website, and so even though I experimented, it wasn't until Knight and Day was debuted that I became what would later be called a WebCartoonist.

Now it's ten years later, and a lot has happened in that time.  Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds have both earned accolades, such as last year's Comic Strip Superstar contest and the much earlier Comic Strip Cutting Edge program.  Both strips are still going strong, although my freelance career has had to come first.  You'll be seeing a lot more of both strips this year, as I attempt to grow HappyGlyphs Comics to the next step.  And hopefully we'll be wishing Steve and Amy a happy 10th Anniversary as well! The story is being written... :0)

Wish me luck, and please stay 'tooned!

JOHN :0)

On my iPod.... Defying Gravity... Possibly one of the greatest Sci Fi shows of all time.  Not kidding.  Check it out!


Brian Hughes said...

Happy May Day, John. I'm loading up my 12 bore after breakfast for the annual Morris Dancer cull.

John said...

Please do... I saw a bus load of tourists in Bath once flinging money at some Morris Dancers... I think they were trying to get them to go away, but it was like feeding pigeons instead. More kept showing up, and I was glad I was only passing by. :0)

Brian Hughes said...

Actually I quite like Morris Dancers...but it helps if you're really, really drunk when you watch them. Fortunately that's what May Day's all about...getting really, really drunk.

"Defying Gravity... Possibly one of the greatest Sci Fi shows of all time."

You haven't seen the new Doctor Who yet then?

John said...

Well, Happy Belated may Day, by the way... sorry, I was still celebrating ten years as a WebCartoonist and forgot you had your own Holiday. :0)

I guess you missed my email, then, since I mentioned at the time that I only saw a 5 minute preview of the new Doctor Who, and yes., it looked quite good!

Defying Grvity is, like Who, in a class of its own. Outstanding in every category.

By the way, I uploaded a post to your blog... if you don't like it, let me know and I'll find a home for it. :0)

Now if I could just figure out why Google has me log in every two minutes, I'd be happy. :0p

JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


I noticed and posted first thing this morning, and you've already had a response from a happy fan.

John said...

Cheers, Brian!

Now I need to go read it and see what I wrote. Hope it was good.