Monday, February 08, 2010

Kage Baker, Rest in Peace

I have just learned that Kage Baker has passed away... from cancer, no less.

Kage will forever be one of my favorite Authors, and I wished I had taken the time to tell her how much her work has meant to me. We had corresponded a few times, and each time was wonderful... intelligent and funny, like her. Her being famous, though, I felt like I shouldn't 'bother' her, and so kept correspondence to a minimum. I wish now I hadn't, and in fact I was planning on writing to her soon. Damn my procrastination, and damn cancer.

If you are unfamiliar with her works, I highly recommend the Company series, in which a company discovers both time travel and immortality... but both have a catch. To make a long story short, they create immortal agents throughout time to save and preserve mankind's treasures, such as rescuing scrolls from Alexandria moments before the big fire. Heck, I can't tell you how wonderful these stories are, so don't listen to me... go check them out at your favorite bookstore or library, and pick one up if it gets your attention.

I would say start at the beginning, but In The Garden of Iden, her first of the stories, reviews have been mixed. It's a great story, and sets off a huge story arc with as many plot twists as real history. However, 'some' people say it reads like a harlequin romance. I didn't have that problem at all, and treasure that book as much as any other. My favorite immortals are Joseph and Lewis, so books featuring them are top of my list. Kage does have some short story collections bases on the series, so you may want to start there?

What can I say? I will miss her works, and regret not being able to correspond with her further. I'm sorry that I never met her, and will not have the chance now.

I hate cancer. Kage Baker is yet another reason to fight this horrid disease, and I will be pushing my fund raising for the American Cancer Society even harder now.

More on my fundraiser in a future post. I now am offering incentives, and a contest, for those who do donate. This disease affects so many, and now we are deprived of another great soul. The world is a much worse place without Kage Baker here.



Brian Hughes said...


Have you considered going down the 'Calender Girls' fundraising route?

John said...

why yes, I did. But the girls I asked kept slapping me!

I've got it all sussed, actually. I'm putting the details in me next newsletter, and a future post.

We'll get that cure yet, although I do regret how late it is in coming. Too many good people, lost.