Monday, January 11, 2010

The Interview

Since it is about time that the world learns what a great interview, and interviewer, I can be, today I've decided to interview myself. Pay close attention because in this interview you will learn everything that I want you to know about myself and HappyGlyphs Comics. Almost.

HappyGlyphs Comics (HG): So, John, let's start with a tough question. If I could only buy one of your books, which book should that be?

JOHN: Excellent question! Of course, the answer depends on taste, but I would probably recommend our flagship title, "Take Me Away From All This!!" This was my first book, and still sells consistently. Based on the first year of marriage, there's a lot of day to day humour that many people can relate to. And if you like that book, you can always run out and get the sequel "3 Knights in India."

HG: And what about The Inquiring Minds?

JOHN: Why? What did you hear?

HG: Um, nothing... except you've got a comic book coming out?

JOHN: Yes! The Ghost Pirate Skeletons of Three Craters Lake! The story is in production, and should debut in completion sometime next spring. You can download part one for free, of course, and read more at our homepage.

The Inquiring Minds have several projects in the works, including a card game, and a "Complete Inquiring Minds" which will be a full color book just loaded with comics. We also have right now a small collection of color comic strips simply called The Inquiring Minds #1, available for a low low price at our shop, and a ridiculously high price at our Lulu store.

HG: Why the difference?

JOHN: The cheaper copy we had printed ourselves, while the more expensive is a Print on Demand book. The more affordable copy is still very good quality, but we managed to eliminate some of the overhead. I did add some new material to the more expensive book just in case someone accidently buys it, and it is a little larger for those who need large print.

HG: So, please tell me more.

JOHN: All of my work is character oriented. For instance, I've heard people say about 3 Knights in India, "I'm not interested in India, so I'm not interested in the book." Well, tish tosh to that, I say. The book is about relationships... the people in our lives who basically drive us crazy, and yet make life so interesting... friends, lovers, parents, children, etc. The Knight family travels halfway around the world only to find themselves dealing with the same issues they had back home. All of this is set against the beautiful background of exotic India, with all of our favorite characters from "Take Me Away From All This!!".

HG: And The Inquiring Minds?

JOHN: The Inquiring Minds are childhood as it was, as it should be... pure adventure and fun... the innocence of children that makes everything seem possible to them. Of course, their adventures don't always lead anywhere, but hey, the journey is what it's all about. I love this strip, and I think that shows in the work.

HG: Anything else you'd like the world to know?

JOHN: Yes. HappyGlyphs Comics is a professional business, with a worldwide reputation. Yes, we self-publish, but not all self-publishers are the same. It gets tiring when people 'assume' you're working out of your Mother's basement, or associate self-publishing with vanity press. Everything this company does is professional. I have clients who are quite pleased with my work, and my work can be seen in many venues across the globe, from newspapers to magazines to textbooks, and more. The same quality that goes into my freelance work goes into any product with my name on it.

HG: Well, thank you! Anything else?

JOHN: Yes, but not too much. Let's leave a little mystery, shall we?

HG: Haha.

JOHN: I do have one history book out... a collection of photos and essays about the Stonhenge environs of the UK, and another book in the works about the Mound Builders of Ohio. And then there's John's Shorts... short graphic narratives that involve different characers and situations from my two main comic strips.

There are a lot of projects coming through the pipeline, but only one of me, so the key word for 2010 is 'focus'. :0)

Anything else can be learned in my blog, or at my site. If you haven't visited, then there is a lot of comic goodness for you to explore.

HG: Time for one more question: if you were'nt running HappyGlyphs Comics, what would you be doing?

JOHN: Another good one! It's no secret that I'd most likely be an Imagineer over at our competition, Disney. I'm a great troubleshooter, have a scientific background, and my artistic talents lay in many directions, from modeling to animation. If I wasn't working for myself, working side by side with the tremendous talent of Disney's Imagineers would be very rewarding, I believe.

HG: Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Steventon.

JOHN: Not at all! My pleasure. Please, have a mint. Would you like some coffee?

HG: Sure, and if you have any original art laying around?

JOHN: Okay, I'll give yo this one piece from The Ghost Pirate Skeletons of Three Craters Lake, but only AFTER this interview comes out. I need to make sure I'm seen ina positive light.

HG: Absolutely!


John Steventon is a professional Cartoonist, Illustrator, and overall creative person whose work can be seen worldwide in a variety of venues. You can learn more about him, his work, buy his books, or hire his talents at his official site,


Anonymous said...

not enough info!! You have a difficult time letting people see that you are a person. I understand that that being in the public you need a certain amount of privacy but readers and fans want/like to feel a personal connection with the author :o)

John said...

Nonsense! What more would anyone want to know? :0)

I say let my work speak for's autobiographical enough... or is it?

Besides, it's not like I'm a skydiving ex-monk preparing to go up on the next space shuttle!

Or AM I...? :0)

JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...

Didn't Robert De Niro hold an interview with himself in King of Comedy, just before he went doolally and started kidnapping chat show hosts?

John said...

Actually, Brian, I was thinking of kidnapping Cartoonist / Archeologists from coastal North England... but then I thought about how much that would cost in chips and sarneys. Nah...

I'll just go loopy quietly. :0)

Brian Hughes said...

To be honest, John, if you kidnapped me you'd have to pay my family friends to take me back...