Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baltimore Comic-con 2009

Just got back from the Baltimore Comic-con... my first time there as both visitor and exhibitor, although to be honest, as an exhibitor I spent nearly the entire time behind my table. It looked like a terrific show from where I was sitting!

Overall, it was an excellent learning experience. The first day started out slow, and moved to depressing, until it was explained to me that most of the crowd head for the freebies, the big names, and the mainstream stuff first, and then eventually migrate to the independents like myself. Good to know for a first time convention go-er! And it was true! The afternoon picked up quite nicely, and Sunday went very well. Made some great friends, both fans and pros, sold some books, and just had fun altogether. :0)

HappyGlyphs Comics will definitely be doing more shows next year, and we'll be back bigger than ever once we've implemented all that we learned inthe last few days!

Meanwhile, until the coffee hits, and my brain clears, here are some lovely photo high-lights from the show!

The very awesome Leanne and Rod... 2 great talents that work great together! Expect great things from these two!

Check them out at http://www.rodhannah.com/ and http://www.leannehannah.com/

This Lady in Red is an awesome artist and all around great lady. People like her make conventions fun. :0) I'll post name and link as soon as I track her down!

SuperFan Jen showing off the new HappyGlyphs Comics Bag, which made it's debut in Baltimore!

The littlest Art Lover, checking out our most popular print. :0)

The Awesome Matt, who went beyond the call of duty to help me survive 15 hours sitting behind a table!

"Who was that masked man?!" Inside this costume is a great guy who took the time to pose for hundreds of photos, and was nice to everyone who stopped him. And what a costume, huh?

See? Buy a book, get your picture taken, end up on the internet. Fun!

If you were at the show, and especially if you stopped by the table, please comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

Cheers, JOHN :0)


Kishore said...

Nice... John. Glad to know that you had a great time at the convention.

I didn't know that you had a super fan. :-D

John said...

She was one of the first, and is still here all these years later! I'd sure call that super!

JOHN :0)

Jen said...

Awwwww. I am happy to be your superfan. You are a super artist. I was just thrilled to meet the fam finally. Great show! Hope to see you before the next one! Tell the girls that Zander said hi!

John said...

You're super in many ways, Jen! So glad you came to the show, and were able to hang out. I'm also glad you enjoyed the rest of the show, as well, even with a tired two year old. :0) The girls are still talking about Zander! :0)

Let's do lunch, JOHN :0)

Sujatha said...

Hope many good things come out of this for you, John.

John said...

Thanks so much, Sujatha! The experience was great, and I know I've already learned a lot from it.
Take care, JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...

That's your most popular print? Hmm...I wonder how much I could flog the original for?

John said...

Imagine how I feel, Brian... my most popular print is from the one and only time I tried to be you!:0)

As for the original, just hold on to it a while longer... I'm not famous... yet!

Then again, knowing you, you probably drew mustaches on the characters in the original... improving it greatly, I'm sure.

Good to hear from you, JOHN :0)