Monday, February 16, 2009

Almost Live!

For the few of you NOT on Facebook, I am going to share with you something from my Guest Table at the Facebook Comic Con. No, the con hasn't happened yet, but I'm already loading lots of fun stuff at my Table for you to see, including real videos of me sketching to give it that 'appearing live at a convention' feel.

This is my first attempt at videoing while sketching, so there is a bit of the Blair Witch feel to it. And I was so nervous that I let the camera wander, I dropped my pencil, and forgot to draw eyes on a sheep. Good thing this isn't live, cause who knows how I'd embarrass myself.

You can see more at, if you are a facebook member. The rest of you may now show your pity by clicking a link at the right there, and checking out more of my stuff, and maybe buying a book to support a starving artist. :0)

Cheers, JOHN :0)

PS I've uploaded a second, bigger, better, longer video at the Facebook Comic con page, and this one is with real sound! Yes, lame jokes to go with the the sketching... and this one is a tribute to The Haunted Mansion, as well!


Brian Hughes said...

At's working! I've finally got to see it! Now I know the world must be coming to an end!

John said...

Finally, you got to see the video. Was it worth the wait? :0)

Brian Hughes said...'s always good to see the artist at work. Unless it's a mime artist, of course.

John said...


I agree... I'm sure there's some art to it, but I can do without miming as a whole.

If you liked that one, you should see my next video. It's a talkie!

Cheers, JOHN :0)