Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A HappyGlyphs Primer

New, HappyGlyphs Primer #1, your guide to all that is HappyGlyphs Comics!

This Primer is available to download free, or buy at cost, because we know that once you get to know us better, you'll want to buy our books. :0)

The Primer includes comic strips and panels from our first comic strip collection, "Take Me Away From All This!!", pages and art from our first Graphic Novel, 3 Knights in India, and samples from our new travel and photo book Two Henges, a Hill, and One Long Barrow. There's also some great comics from our full color comic The Inquiring Minds comic book, although in black and white only. You also get the complete The Wolfman of Beckenham, Kent, although with greyscale cover art, and a chapter of our forthcoming illustrated novel, The Inquiring Minds in The Adventure in Hangman's Swamp.

Wow, all that for less than 6 bucks in print, or FREE to download!

You can check out this new book, as well as our other FREE downloads, and great books here.

Thanks, JOHN :0)


Jayne said...

I won't tell you to get to work :P
Like the site :)

John said...

Wow... a comment from someone besides Mr. Hughes! I... I... I don't know what to say, except that my bids for attention finally paid off!

Glad you liked the site, Jayne. We have more, just feel free to look around.

I saw from your blog that you're quite the gardener... I have n't grown that many veggies in a long time! Just keep the joeys out of the bean patch. (There's a joke in there somewhere's... joeys + beans = jumping beans... but I'm too tired to work it up right now.)

Cheers for stopping by, JOHN :0)