Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Publish or Perish!

All right, that's not the exact sentiment I'm looking for, but it's a striking headline, and parallels the sentiment of today's topic. My point is this; if you have a website, you need to update, and quite often, with fresh content. If you don't, you risk losing your audience when they stop showing up often, and eventually forget you in the sea of sites out there.

It's easy to add fresh content when you are a Syndicated newspaper Cartoonist, since you create strips everyday for the papers, and you have an Editor helping out, and an established audience, and some Marketing, PR, and Accounting help. Also, the comic strip is already a 'daily' creation.

It's hard enough for a Small Press outfit like ours to get new readers, and even harder to keep them around unless we too offer fresh content. This is fine when I'm doing a comic strip, or a comic book feature, but there are times when I'm putting a book together, or swamped with Freelance work, that I can't put out regular content, or perhaps working on something that I'm not quite ready to reveal. I am at that stage right now, in the midst of several projects, where I want readers to stick around, but not willing or ready to reveal my cuurent work.

What to do? Luckily, I can compromise, and offer a sneak peak at the next book coming out from HappyGlyphs Comics... The Inquiring Minds: Adventure in Hangman's Swamp. It's an all ages kid's book, fast paced, fun, and sometimes silly. The kind of book I like to read to my kids, and sometimes to myself. Not exactly Juvenille, but not The Davinci Code, either.

Anyway, the book is nearly done, so we are offering a sneak peak at Chapter 1. Newsletter subscribers will get a peak at chapter 2 as well, and maybe some other stuff, so head to our website and sign up.

Meanwhile, please let us know what you think of any of our books. HappyGlyphs Comics is growing, and will soon have a diverse range of products to offer. This is a great thing, as far as I'm concerned, although it does lead to some difficulties.

These difficulties will be explained in a future blog, titled "Familiarity's Brood", coming soon :0)

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