Thursday, May 04, 2006

Free Comics... YAAAAAY!!!!

Free Comics... YAAAAYYYY!!!!

And now that I've got your attention... :0)

Yes, Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, but did you also know that Friday May 5 is National Cartoonist's Day? Sure, many people see that day as just another excuse to party, but please take a moment to remember those of us who work hard every day to bring smiles and laughter and sometimes even intellectual stimulation to people everywhere through our art.

Read the comics in your daily paper, or your favorite comic book or comic strip collection, and most definitely visit your local Comic Book Store to pick up some free comics. But please, Cartooning is a lonely job at times, working late nights in a studio while the rest of the world sleeps, or worse, during the day while the sun is shining through the windows, and ... oh, but I digress. My point is, if you have a favorite Cartoonist, than write a fan letter, or send an email, and let them know how much you like their work. Bring a smile to their face for a day :0)

As for Free Comic Book Day, I know that many of my readers have never considered going into a comic book store. Reading comics in the paper is more their cup of tea, but today's comic shops have a lot to offer to anyone who likes to read or appreciates a good laugh, etc. There are comics for grownups, for kids, and stuff that even the ladies will enjoy. Comics are not just Superheroes anymore, and even the Superhero stuff is not what you remember as a kid. Heck, it's a fun thing to do with the kids and the comics are free.

As for me, I will be handing out a few copies of a special comic at my local comic shop this Saturday. "Hey, what good does that do me", you ask. Well, I'll tell you :0)

FREE! YES, FREE!!!! For a limited time only, you can download this special edition comic for free as a pdf file. Please check it out at the following link, and download it for free.

This is a special deal, and I am happy to share this with you.

All I ask is that you remember me this National Cartoonis's Day :0)

Cheers! JOHN :0)


Kishore Bhageshpur said...

Hey John.....

You'd be surprised to know that I knew about May 5th being Cinco De Mayo AND National Cartoonist Day, wouldn't you? Hope you have a wonderful NCD (Do you know about the other NCD - National Columnists Day on April 18th?)

Anyway.... Congrats on the publication of your new comic book - the complete 3 Knights in India. Hope you sell a truck load of that!!

later buddy..

John said...

Thanks, Kishore!

You really made my day!

As for selling a truckload of books, that sounds like a great idea. Of course, I'd have to actually get around to promoting the darn thing for that to happen. :0)

Thanks for stopping by, and for taking the time to write!

JOHN :0)