Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Day in the Life...

Actually 2 days: That's how long it took to review and edit my graphic novel, going over all 148 pages to check that everything falls within the margins, that there are no spelling errors, or any other dreadful mistakes. I actually went over the book 3 times, just to make sure, because the first turn through revealed about 20 horrible mistakes my former editing didn't find. Then I had to turn the main document and covers into pdf files, and get them to the printer.

Now I just have to wait for the proof to come in. If it looks good to me, then 3 Knights in India will finally be made available to the public, and I can see what everyone thinks of it.

Not that the work is over, of course. Still have to market and promote, but as I've mentioned, it's already strange not having this feeling that I need to draw or write all the time. Honestly, I've often worked around the clock on this, trying to keep the newspaper deadline, as well as self-imposed deadlines.

Wow... no more drawing 3 Knights in India... no more battles between text and images for precious page space, no more scambling for reference material through a table of photos and magazines, no more piles of sketches, or the scratching of the pencil on paper, or the smell of ink at 3 in the morning...

Fortunately, I have a dozen other projects on my list.

Back to the drawing board!


lulachy said...

Wow John, so 3 Knight in India is coming to an end, and will be published in one novel. It will be exciting to read through it all, as I have been following this storyline very closely.
You sound glad and almost sad to see it end. I guess after how many years of working away at it, it is somewhat sad to see it come to an end, however we are all eagerly awaiting the release of the new graphic novel.
Keep up the great work, and keep more coming our way :0)

John said...

Mixed feelings, for sure, but it will be exciting to finally see the work in print. There's nothing better than holding the final book in your hand, and seeing the culmination of all that work.

Okay, what's better is knowing that others are reading the book, and appreciating, perhaps, all that hard work :0)

Thanks for writing!
JOHN :0)